29 November 2023: Important Announcement Regarding COVID-19 Requirements: You must have received a dose within the last 12 months

Information for Ukranian Applicants

Information for Afghan SIV Applicants

We will be closed between 10-14 April due to Ramadan holiday.

Afghan SIV Applicants

CDC has also announced that all Afghan SIV Applicants aged 2 through 14 examined in any country must receive an IGRA test and be evaluated for TB according to the requirements for high tuberculosis burden countries in the Technical Instructions. This means if you come to our panel site and if you have a child aged between 2 to 14, a blood test called IGRA will be performed and the result will be ready no earlier than 4 working days. If the test result is positive, your child will need to be here again for an X-Ray and further testing if necessary. Please plan your visit accordingly. It is best that you come to the medical examination at least 10 days before your interview with the US Embassy.

Also per request of the US Embassy all Afghan SIV applicants are required to pickup their results on paper in a sealed envelope and take them to their interview or send by post if their interview is past.