29 November 2023: Important Announcement Regarding COVID-19 Requirements: You must have received a dose within the last 12 months

Information for Ukranian Applicants

Information for Afghan SIV Applicants

We will be closed between 10-14 April due to Ramadan holiday.

Medical Examination Procedure

The doctors can speak in Persian enough for the medical examination, so there is no need for a translator in the room.

The appointments you see in the web page are scheduled in every 5 minutes. Don’t be surprised, this does not mean that your medical screening ends in 5 minutes, it is more complex than to be completed within 5 minutes. This appointment you choose is only for making you enter to the formal process. We classify the applicants when they are here in time and tell the individual where to begin from in a designed Medical Examination flow chart. The process will begin with our secretarial guidance among one of the 3 necessary parts of the process which are Medical Examination and Vaccination, Chest X-ray (CXR), Laboratory Tests. We will select the part you will start from in our system when you are here. So please try to be in time in order not to effect those appointments coming after you.

When you arrive...

You will be asked to disrobe for the medical examination. Please choose what you will be wearing at the day of the exam accordingly.

When you arrive in our office, we will prepare your documents and take you either to the doctor’s examination room which is in 4th floor or to the 3rd floor (Duzen laboratory) to collect the laboratory samples and also to take the chest x-ray (we will decide it according to our workload). The laboratory will electronically transfer the results to us, so you do not need to collect them.

If you start from the laboratory part, after completing this part of the whole process, we will tell you to go to your hotel and rest till the date and time which our secretary reschedules another appointment to you and we will wait for you to come to our office again at the date and time which she lets you know just after the test procedure. So when you are back in our office, the doctors will make your physical examination and they will fill your reports (depending on your medical history, physical and x-ray and lab results).

The Medical Report

A medical report is valid only for 6 months. If you apply for a repeat medical examination you must make a new appointment and repeat the physical examination, laboratory tests and x-ray.

If you do not have any abnormality which should be explained by additional tests and consultations we will finalize your procedure and give you either the original medical report in a closed and sealed envelope or submit the report electronically to the embassy. If you are given an envelope you must take the sealed envelope to the embassy without opening the envelope (you do not need to take the x-ray itself to the embassy but please take the original chest X-Ray to the USA).

If your case is an eMedical case, your report and chest x-ray will be electronically submitted and your vaccination card will be emailed to the email address you've provided during appointment making. You will not be given anything physical.

You will be notified if your case is an eMedical case or not during time of admission for medical examination.

Most of the cases needs 2 working days  for the medical examination and final medical report, which means that if you book your appointment before 12:00 am we "may" give the result to you on the next working day. Try to put 2 "working days"  in between your medical appointment and your interview date in the embassy in order to be in safe side.

Applicants with Signs or Symptoms of TB

For adults, if the CXR findings are suggestive of tuberculosis and/or for both adults and children if they have signs and symptoms of Tuberculosis, the applicant will be required to provide three sputum specimens to undergo microscopy for AFB, as well as culture for mycobacteria and confirmation of the Mycobacterium species, at least to the M. tuberculosis complex level which may result an additional 8 weeks.

Possible Delays

When you are here, some delays in the procedure may occur either because of your test results or because of the other applicants. There may also be visa applicants seeking for urgent medical care in the same day. Be aware that health related appointments may shift in the last minute due to relative importance of the cases unlike the other professional appointments.