29 November 2023: Important Announcement Regarding COVID-19 Requirements: You must have received a dose within the last 12 months

Information for Ukranian Applicants

Information for Afghan SIV Applicants

Our office will be closed between 15-23 June due to Sacrifice Feast.


According to "U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention" technical instructions:

  • “Women who are pregnant are required to have a Chest X-Ray to immigrate. Pregnant women will need to provide consent for the CX-Ray. Pregnant women receiving chest radiographs will be provided abdominal and pelvic protection with double layer, wrap-around lead shields”.
  • "Pregnancy is not a contraindication for the administration of Td, Tdap, inactivated influenza, or hepatitis B vaccine"
If you are pregnant, unsure if you are pregnant or planning to become pregnant please inform our staff upon your arrival.
If you think you may be pregnant please consult your doctor before coming here. Please do not leave any doubts regarding pregnancy and possiblity of pregnancy before you come here.

If you are pregnant, in maximum 3 days before you come here;

  • Visit your physician;
  • Get a Gestational age based on sonography and your last date of mensturation,
  • Description of any risks regarding your pregnancy,
  • If there are no risks, a request from your doctor for a chest xray,
  • Also a note that approves the administration of Td, Tdap, inactivated influenza, and hepatitis B vaccines.

Applicants can choose to wait until the end of their pregnancy to receive a chest xray and vaccinations. Please consult with the embassy regarding your status and if this choice is available to you. So please be aware that if you do prefer not to have a Chest X-Ray or receive vaccinations your medical report will not be completed till the end of your pregnancy, when you have the Chest X-Ray result and have the vaccinations.

Please consult your own physician regarding your health concerns on having a chest x-ray and related vaccines and come to our office with your final decision.

You should not become pregnant in at least 28 days, ideally 3 months after your medical workout here. Please consult your own physician regarding birth control methods.